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Executive Team

Jason and Rachelle Iles

Jason & Rachelle Iles

Lead Executive Pastors
Anna Rau

Anna Rau

Executive Assistant
Mark and Abigail Griffith

Mark & Abigail Griffith

Executive Life Groups
Josh James

Josh James

Executive Creative/Programming

Marshfield Campus

Mark and Abigail Griffith

Mark & Abigail Griffith

Campus Pastors
Ryan and Mandy Huff

Ryan & Mandy Huff

Assistant Campus Pastors
Payton and Maci Watterson

Payton & Mayci Watterson

Kids Pastors
Josh James

Josh James

Worship Pastor

Republic Campus

Chris and Dez Ritchie

Chris & Dez Ritchie

Kids Pastors

Steve & Brooke Rahn

Youth Pastors
Elliot and Jen Hinshaw

Eliot & Jen Hinshaw

Worship Pastors
Jon and Val Davis

Jon & Val Davis

Ministry Coach
Don and Marquita Blansit

Don & Marquita Blansit

Senior Adult Care Pastors

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Our Beliefs

Destiny Church operates with a few core values and beliefs front and center.

Our Story

Founded in 2005 Destiny Church was started to help others pursue God and Love Life.